More Testimonials

“Successful!!! My children are more confident and competitive when it comes to their math skills. Their teacher is very thorough and punctual, and teaches them “how to think” not “what to think”. She is unbelievable! As well as very personable with the kids by giving them tools to everyday life. I would definitely refer other parents to Ottimmo Tutoring because my children TEACHERS are even amazed at their improvement.” – Derrick Jackson (parent of 1st and 4th graders)

“My son has done great! He has improved alot since joining Ottimmo Tutoring. Kanan is very nice, and teaches how to understands the new challenges of math and english.” – Sonjan Johnson (parent of 2nd and 3rd graders)

“I have noticed a lot more focus, strategy, and confidence since my daughter started attending Ottimmo Tutoring. I see such a good thing coming out of the program, but mainly her confidence level! She doesn’t answer the question but she then explains “how” she got the answer. But mainly her confidence level has sky-rocketed!” – Elizabeth (parent of 6th grader)

“Going to Ottimmo has been very helpful for me. Each week I have improved in language arts.” – Maya, Grade 8

“Ottimmo has really helped me with my writing, and that has also helped me in school. Ottimmo helped me to better understand the rules of writing.” – Mukti Soma

“Ottimmo has helped me improved my SAT in the reading and writing sections. Before Ottimmo I struggled in both sections.” – Maurya

“During my experience with Ottimmo, I had the opportunity to work with an exceptional language arts teacher with years of experience. She is an extremely effective tutor for the SAT/ACT exams as well as a mentor for students who are in the process of applying for college. Her passion and enthusiasm enabled me to assimilate brilliant ideas and to integrate them into my college essays. I enjoyed every class, and I would definitely recommend Ottimmo to other students seeking academic assistance.” – Eesh Shetty, Coppell High School, Grade 12

“My daughter’s math scored improved significantly after she started Ottimmo Math.
I highly recommend Ottimmo!” – Gomathy Peri

“My child’s interest in math and solving abilities improved after 4 months with Ottimmo. The homework is enhancing his math skills because it stimulates his interest.” – Ravi

“It is simple and fun. And pictures allow my child to see the problem more clearly.
I like the variety and repetition.” – Sarath Bala

“Math is becoming second nature to her. We are beyond pleased.” – Eukari

“Our daughter is excited about the work. Thanks for offering the Ottimmo program.” – M. Swain

“Ottimmo has really helped me in English and every other class that requires writing. It also prepared me for AP English and the reading part of the SAT.” – Rushil

“Ottimmo is really helpful for my writing and it has helped me reach areas where I could not previously go. I can now use writing as tool to benefit me in many ways.” – Annonymous

“The curriculum is great. Every week a new concept is introduced and it really holds the kids’ interest.” – Arvind

“Great program. Highly recommend it.” – Deborah Fisher

“Excellent program. My daughter is in 3rd grade and has been doing the Ottimmo math program since kindergarten. She is engaged, has had a easier time with school work and actually enjoys going.” – Nancy Myers

“I have been coming to Ottimmo for a short period of time, and I can already seen an improvement in my writing . Ottimmo offers various options of tutoring , so if you’re uncomfortable in group classes , the one- on – one option is very helpful too.” – Khooshbu Soma

“Ottimmo has allowed me to improve both my knowledge and my grades. With these improvements, I will evolve into a much smarter, efficient student.” – Nilesh

“Agradezco infinitamente al plantel educativo de OTTIMMO por la ayuda y capacitación que brindaron a mi hijo! — I am eternally grateful to the staff of educational ottimmo for the help and training that extended to my son!” – Carmen Talavera