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Ottimmo TutoringThe driving force behind Ottimmo, LLC is a passion for education and a desire to help all students learn and succeed. Kanan Shah wanted her son to have the best chance possible to score well on the SAT. Knowing that his extracurricular schedule would preclude him from taking an SAT study course, Kanan hired teachers who could work around all of Kavi’s activities to help him prepare. Her dedication and desire for her son to do well paid off when he scored a perfect 2400 on the SAT in 2011.

Having also helped tutor many of her son’s friends throughout the years, Kanan found delight in watching students improve and thrive in school. Following her son’s success, Kanan created Ottimmo with the purpose of providing quality, personalized tutoring to students who struggle academically, as well as those who need more rigor. Ottimmo’s test preparation program is unmatched.

Ottimmo provides superior, skillful tutoring and test preparation for grades K-12. We are committed to providing quality education and instruction that builds confidence and equips students with the skills needed to achieve academic excellence.


We understand that all children learn at different paces and in different ways, so
Ottimmo offers one-on-one tutoring (face-to-face or via the internet) and group tutoring options in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. Our top-quality, master teachers assess every student’s learning style in order to tailor the tutoring sessions to maximize results.

Test Prep

Join Ottimmo for access to our first-rate, qualified tutors who motivate and empower the next generation of college bound students. We provide standardized test prep for the SAT, ACT, STAAR, AP and IB exams, credit by exam, and subject tests.

Ottimmo is committed to educating and training students with superior, proven methods to help them reach their goals and succeed not only in academics but in life.

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