Our Method

Ottimmo does 3 things differently for your child


We build confidence in your child


We focus on concept-based learning rather than rote memorization


We customize teaching to your child’s needs

Ottimmo Math: Inspired by Singapore Math

Ottimmo’s philosophy is not only to improve test scores and classroom grades, but to provide children, grades K-6, with the tools to succeed in upper level math including pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry; therefore, we employ the Singapore Method. The Singapore Math Curriculum focuses on hands-on learning, pictorial representations, followed by an abstract phase. This three-step process encourages children to learn “why” instead of just focusing on the “how” of solving math problems which enhances their overall problem-solving skills that are effective in other subjects, as well.

To learn more about the Singapore method and how children can benefit from the curriculum visit:
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The Advantages of Singapore Math


Ottimmo’s proven math curriculum builds a solid foundation for students by developing a strong number sense, fostering excellent mental math skills, and emphasizing critical and analytical thinking.

The Advantages of Singapore Math

Improving math skills for children in grades 1-5 by:

  • Developing their number sense
  • Enhancing mental Math skills
  • Emphasizing critical and analytical thinking
  • Increasing understanding using model-drawing
  • (a visual approach to solving word problems)
  • Building confidence and self-esteem


English Language Arts

Highly qualified educators take a comprehensive, personalized approach to Ottimmo’s English Enrichment Program developed to strengthen students’ understanding and proficiency of the core academic concepts of language arts. We focus on building skills in writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, researching, and MLA formatting.

Students’ grades, test scores, and confidence improve with Ottimmo tutoring because our curriculum is personally tailored to each individual and emphasizes critical thinking skills, relationships between reading and writing, and grammar. This instruction provides students with the knowledge and preparation to succeed in the classroom and to excel on standardized test.

High School Science: Physics, Biology and Chemistry

Ottimmo’s approach to tutoring High School Science is to focus on fundamentals and build upon it. We have tutors with Master’s degree from IIT with passion for teaching.

Our Science tutors emphasize on

  • Reconstructing Basics
  • Understanding Concepts
  • Application and Problem Solving
  • Clarifying Doubts with 1:1 Interaction