May 23, 2020, Grades: 1-5

Please read instructions and rules first. And then fill out the form below.
Please pay $20 via Zelle to 214-766-4343. Thank you!!
Call 972-332-2669 for any questions! For more information, see flyer here.

Instructions and Rules


Time Allotted: 45 Minutes for Total 18 questions. You may not be able to finish all questions in given time. That is OK.

Questions: . 6 Questions per page. Student will have 15 minutes per page. After 15 minutes, next page will be displayed.

Scores: Please remember this is a contest and NOT a test-so there is no “passing” or “failing” score! Every child, deserve commendation for making effort to take the test.


Answer Sheets: We will email you answer sheets. Please use these sheets to work on questions. You must email these answer sheets after the test immediately to

After Test: We will give parents a demo of sample questions and how your child can improve.


We trust parents and children to be ethical. Please follow the rules outlined below.

Video: Student’s video must be on all the time. If we can not see student than we have no choice but to disqualify the student. Only child will be allowed in front of the camera.

Adult Help: At no time parent/any adult shall help the student. If we see this happening, than we have no choice but to disqualify the student.

DFW Math Competition Registration Form