Online Learning Tips

Online Learning is Different!

.Even as we come out of COVID-19 pandemic, online learning will stay with us.  Following are some of the tips for parents and children based on my tutoring online for over a year for Ottimmo.  Please add your tips/observations in comments.  Thank you!

  1. Space: A quiet and dedicated space is must for online learning.
  2. Internet: Stable internet connection will ensure learning without interruptions.
  3. Distractions: Minimize distractions by closing door and limiting noise in home.
  4. Sleep: Eight (8) to Nine (9) hours sleep is must for retaining and expanding what you learn during the day.
  5. Routine and Study Materials: A set routine with breaks along with ready folders, textbooks etc. will greatly help your child.
  6. Tutor/Teacher Contact Information: Keep it handy-in case of interruption/questions.
  7. Availability: As a parent, please be available for any technical/other problems which may arise during online session.
  8. Hands on Activities: Supplement online learning with hands on activities.
  9. Praise Efforts: We tend to praise results, however, please also praise efforts of your child.
  10.  Build Confidence: Encourage your child to continue to make efforts.  Help them to build their grit.

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